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AGO Region VIII 2011 Convention Registration
July 3 - 7, 2011

Please be aware of the deadlines listed on the registration page.

Please register one person at a time. You will be given the option
to register an additional person after each submission.

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If you have any questions or problems, contact the committee.

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* Meals are no longer available. This also affects the barbecue
before the Richard Elliott concert.
* Registrants will still receive a ticket to the Richard Elliott concert.
* Extra tickets to the Richard Elliott concert and the silent movie
can be purchased through Select-A-Seat.
* The 'Approachable Service Music' and 'Service Playing' workshops are full.
Fourth of July Celebration + Richard Elliott Concert (Monday): *
Box Lunch on College of Idaho campus (Tuesday): *
Regional Business Meeting Lunch Buffet (Wednesday): *
Banquet (Wednesday): *
Catered lunch (Thursday): *

Silent Movie with live organ accompaniment (Wednesday): *
Note: You can change this choice at a later date. Attendance is not required.

Workshop information is available here.

July 4th: 11:00 a.m.:
July 4th:   1:30 p.m.:
July 4th:   4:30 p.m.:
July 5th: 10:45 a.m.:
July 5th:   2:15 p.m.:
July 5th:   3:45 p.m.:
July 6th: 10:45 a.m.:
July 6th:   3:30 p.m.:
July 7th:   9:00 a.m.:
Additional Information
Each attendee will have to register separately.

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Cancellation/Refund Policy

Last updated: June 30, 2011