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Pedagogy III

Recruiting New Organ Students

When: Tuesday, July 5th, at 2:15pm.
Venue: First Presbyterian Church
Presented by Wayne Leupold

A workshop that presents successful ideas and effective publications for outreach programs, which can be organized by groups (AGO chapters, individual churches, academic institutions, and groups of interested individuals) and individual organists. The programs and publications discussed will include “The Organist’s Assistants Program,” “How to Start an Organ Academy in Your Church,” “The DemoInfo Program,” “Starting a Second-Hand Electronic Organ Clearing House in Your Area,” Organ Demonstrators and Organ Activity Educators. These programs and publications encourage more interest in the organ and, even more important, encourage more children and adults to begin the study of the organ. Extensive and detailed information will be given of how to obtain successful results of having more children and adults begin the study of the organ.

Last updated: March 22, 2011